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The politicians in the Luminary world consist of:
  1. GoonZu (The elected leader of the Luminary server)
  2. Ministers (There are 5 appointed by the GoonZu: Kirin, Phoenix, Blue Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise)
  3. Judges (These are chosen by the Kirin)
  4. Guardian Angels (These are chosen by the White Tiger)
If elected GoonZu, you have the power to:
  1. Appoint the 5 Ministers
  2. Wear a unique costume and crown
  3. Use unlimited teleport
  4. Post notices on the server
  5. Set hunting and manufacturing bonus time
  6. Write server information on the server selection screen
  7. Receive 1% of all towns' stock dividends as a salary
  8. Award players Four-leaf Clovers
Requirements for GoonZu Candidates:
  1. Must be Level 100 or higher
  2. Must pay 250,000,000 marbles to one of the Game Masters: ModLoomi, ModShimamura.
  3. Must receive 30 or more recommendations from characters of level 150 or above.
Requirements for Voters:
  1. Must be Level 90 or higher to be eligible to vote
  2. One account can vote three times

Election Procedures:
  1. On Election Day, when you log-on, you will be asked to teleport to the Poll Station, where you can cast your votes for your candidate
  2. If the election ends in a tie, there will be a run-off between those candidates

The GoonZu's Reign:
  1. Term: 60 days (approximately 5 years in GoonZu time)
  2. Re-election: The GoonZu can be re-elected to a second consecutive term
  3. Times in Office: You can win GoonZu office an unlimited number of times, as long as it doesn't exceed the 2 consecutive terms
GoonZu's Checks and Balances: The GoonZu may be removed from office if he/she meets one of these conditions:
  1. Does not log-on or connect to the game for 72 hours (approximately 2 months in GoonZu time)
  2. Abuses and misuses his/her power
  3. Performs illegal activities in the game
  4. GMs determine that the GoonZu cannot perform GoonZu duties properly

Succession: If the GoonZu leaves office in the middle of the term, succession to replace him or her follows in this order among the ministers:
  1. Kirin
  2. Phoenix
  3. Dragon
  4. White Tiger
  5. Tortoise