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  • Server: ZEUS
  • IGN: Faintesina (69th)
  • Level: 156
  • Votes: 34
  • Town: Padovania
Hi Beautiful People!My name is Faintesina (Christina) and over 7 years I’ve been playing this game, I feel it’s time for me to run for your Goonzu for the season 40. I’ve been Minister, Judge and Guardian Angel in some previous seasons on Hera Server. I really love this game.Particularly, my intention is to try my best in this session to be fun for everyone, as well I will help you as much as I can, doing many events with the help of my Ministers.About Ministers, they’ll be people I trust the most since some of them are my close friends and If you need help, feel free to whisper them.The distribution of Candys and Leafs will be through Quiz-Quiz and events, specifically the Leafs will be distributed to all our Town Chiefs. The Goonzu aura will be given randomly in different hunting grounds and you can whisper me to request aura.About the Facebook Group my friend AngelSuccess and I have, has been created to help closely between you and GM’s to discuss issues about bugs, problems or any issues related to the game, and if you have any suggestion, opinion or comment, feel free to join our group and post it, in addition to this, I will be posting information given by GMs and also information about events of this season, including posts in the forum as it has been handled so far. I hope to have your vote to make this session as fun as you want.~ Love & Peace ~Faintesina
G. Boot
Good luck Chris, I have faith in your term :) 9/02/2016 12:58 PM
E. Lynch
I know you're going to give the best | Good Luck Chris 9/02/2016 2:45 PM
A. Ilic
Best of luck! I know if u are become goonzu u would do great! <3 9/02/2016 7:46 PM
S. salazar
Good Luck Chris <3 ;) 9/02/2016 8:44 PM
N. Raun
Good Luck Chris, i know you will do good and i know that you will bring joy to the events agian :) GentlyKitty Ambika 9/03/2016 10:32 AM
Best of Luck~ 9/04/2016 7:40 PM