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Server : ATHENA


IGN Frampton01 Level 120
Town Talasha
Position Bank Head Vote Frampton01 for GoonZu season 12 ^_^
Yes, I am running for GoonZu ...And incase you do not know me, here is a little about my lumi life :P I have been playing Luminary since, loved it from the very start~ To begin with i couldnt decide a decent permanent username so made a new account almost weekly lol. I was Athenas first level 120 and am almost certain I am the servers most active player :P. PammiA and I recently decided to start our own guild called Cataclysm where we both share the title Guild Master (Although im listed as Guild Master, Pam definetely wears the trousers lol). I have really enjoyed playing Luminary, although many of my friends have quit..there are still plenty more to make . My goals for Season 12 are to try and bring the server back to its former glory, I may be setting my targets a bit high but the effort will be there. Fourleaf Plans Fourleafs will be sold 3 days a week 3 times a day 2mil each(will have a poll the first day to determine the days that best fit the server, times may differ per day to serve all) players may buy 4 leafs a week (so you pick your days). All sales will be logged and a level requirement will be in place. I have a lot of Event ideas which will have leaf prizes, any left over leafs will be sold in market and the weekly leaf limit may increase if many are left. How the marbles will be spent is still undecided, I will post here at a later date. (Purely for events, free enchant raffle, open/closed town donations?) GoonZu Hosted Events There will be a steady flow of events that I host that will keep everyone entertained when they have nothing else to do. just a small sneak peak... Kill the Ministers- Find the ministers in cursed at announced times and kill them! 1 Leaf per kill, per person and per event time. (1 good use for the new cursed location/no teleing) PvP League Revival- Win prizes for getting into top 10 in pvp every night(more information will be provided at a later date) Much Much more to come... Ministers I havent decided any of my ministers yet so please apply here I am looking for active, honest ministers who will help the server however required. Ok I think thats about it for now! If anyone has any questions, concerns or ideas feel free to whisper me in game or send me a private message here on the forum. I am almost always in game and willing to chat or explain anything. I thank you all for your time reading this and hope for your support for season 12 GoonZu!
go nick :D ! <3 4/29/2010 3:32 PM
P. r
ummm im the only one allowed to give him hearts, he is mine!... good luck nicky <3333333 ull be a wonderful goonzu 4/29/2010 6:06 PM
E. padilla
hey hey!! padishdragun here! you will do a great work, athena vote for Frampton01!!! 5/01/2010 10:10 AM
N. Frampton
ty pammy, . and padish :P 5/01/2010 3:18 PM
C. Eddy
HI 5/03/2010 4:10 PM