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Server : ZEUS


IGN tampagirl Level 109
Town Pershire
Position Hunting Ground Head ~ Lets Bring Back the Fun~
Heya Zeus!!! Are you all ready for some fun ?? Well if I am chosen as your next Goonzu thats exactly what I have in store for you all!! You can expect a ton of events for all gaming levels, were the winners will rewarded some great prizes and of course 4leafs. Speaking of 4leafs, I know everyone wants to know what do you plan to do with the leafs? Well I plan to pass to Town Chiefs weekly, give out at the events, and pass out to players I might see at random times. I assure you that ALL the leafs will be given to the players. I have chosen the following as my ministers: 1mule1 Kirin ~ Outlander White Tiger ~ Dielan Blue Dragon ~Tyne Black Tortoise ~ nicenice Minister Phoenix. I have known the above players for almost 3 years and know they will do a great job. Thanks for taking the time to read my speech, I look forward should I be elected to serve as your Goonzu this up coming term. Lets Bring Back the Fun!!!! I have been a judge and Kirin,also Tc of Naos (a while back)
J. k
gl sweetie <33 5/02/2010 12:52 PM
J. Barragan
Gogogo, Tampa! You're the best! I'm sure you're going to win. 5/02/2010 12:57 PM
M. Landa
OMG! Is so great that you're running for GoonZu! All my friends an I are going to vote for you ^^ 5/02/2010 1:01 PM
D. Vicentini
Way to go, siter Tampa!!! We gotcha here girl :D FTW!!! 5/02/2010 1:03 PM
D. lsajdf
Woo go tampa, i know you will do a great job and your best marriage boost ever!!!!! 5/02/2010 2:18 PM
X. asmem
wth! lol a Scammer as goonzu wow... 5/02/2010 2:40 PM
R. Craft
Bring back the fun as in Scam more players? OMG 5/02/2010 6:11 PM
R. Craft and X asmem - I have not idea what u are talking about with ur scamming comments, I am a very trustworthy player and have NEVER scammed anyone. 5/02/2010 7:53 PM
T. taeto
uhh u go girl xD~ 5/02/2010 9:42 PM
T. taeto
how do i recomend? xD 5/02/2010 9:42 PM
M. Tarazona
tampa good luck! =) 5/02/2010 10:16 PM
J. neyra
ah well, even tho I could say u've scammed me, you didnt, I did my own stuff and got what I deserved lol, anyway, good luck tampa and dont mind those who call u scammer to flame you. 5/02/2010 11:33 PM
W. Wik
LOL what a noobs which cant even sing theirselves what a matue ppl lol if you want to insult anyone sing yourself noobs ! tampa is good player ! ~Hugi~ 5/03/2010 12:55 AM
L. Dmonkey
Can you please make the "Zesu" into "Zeus"? It will be nice on your campaign if you can read between the lines, as 90% of goonzu can see if a candidate is good or just a "pleaser". 5/03/2010 1:07 AM
R. Craft
Scammer being Miss Goonzu than i think this is part of the reason why 1hitgetkill said many player quit due to this kind of problem LOL 5/03/2010 1:22 AM
W. Wik
lol are you one of 1hit mules? hmm maybe you will tell us something from you not from 1hit speech?? 5/03/2010 2:02 AM
R. Craft
Hugi 1hit speech is write clearly on there maybe you just never read, u can said others player noob how about you? you Pro? 5/03/2010 3:01 AM
Thankies for the support all :) * huggles * 5/03/2010 4:58 AM
R. Craft
Support Scammer? No WAY!!!! 5/03/2010 4:30 PM
please elaborate on this scamming accusation.... 5/03/2010 4:46 PM
R. Craft
Why not you tell every one how many Wep you had scam away? 5/04/2010 12:43 AM
R. Albert
R.Craft is 1hitgetkill, just look at how he says nice words to hit :P and i know 1hit well, i know how he talks, i can confirm that R.Craft is 1hit :P 5/04/2010 7:14 AM
R. Albert
~Gucha 5/04/2010 7:15 AM
S. wei
To Gucha, Plz stop your accuse for unnessary ty. I nv even want to flame any 1 so dun point your finger to me plz be mature 5/04/2010 7:57 AM
Craft alll I have to say is HAHA are you sersious?? Really when I quit I gave my guns away :) sold my axe and gave bafomet back his !! hmmm and when I returned I bought a new weapon from a pshop 5/04/2010 8:51 AM
J. neyra : but my axe broke!! LOL so that was why they were calling you scammer, guess they don't even know who you are. 5/04/2010 9:04 AM
and I ranked it myself :) I have not need to scam anyone :) nor the desire to do so, trust this when I want something I work for it! hmm a scammer giving away her weapons odd isn't it? 5/04/2010 8:53 AM
As a matter of fact my alt has 3 rank 10 weapons that were loaned to her from a friend that quit the game hmmm a scammer mighta sold them already right :) 5/04/2010 8:56 AM
Remember " Be gentle with your words you might have to eat them " thank you all for your support may the best win 5/04/2010 8:58 AM
J. Doyle
Tampa isnt the real TAMPA!!! DONT VOTE FOR THIS FAKE PERSON 5/06/2010 5:59 AM
HAHA seriously I have no time for the immature comments!! LMAO haha really, then who am I ?? give it a rest please. Go outside and play :P 5/07/2010 10:09 AM