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Spending wisely is living wisely~[EVENT MECHANICS]- Player must consume the specified amount of Gcoins listed below in order to receive their desired rewards.- Q..

JULY GZ WEEKENDSGoonZu is not complete without GoonZu Weekends!Join and spend you weekends with us in the land of Abel! EXTREME ..

[NOTICE] Regular Server Maintenance July 23, 2015  7/22/2015
Attention Luminarians!We would like to inform everyone that Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu shall perform a server maintenance, this procedure will have a new update..

[NOTICE] The GoonZu Season 35 Crew  7/20/2015
GOONZU SEASON35 CREWRise above your class and become the candidate to rulethe Luminary Masses!Presenting the full list of the crew for the GoonZu Season 35!J..

[EVENT] [EVENT] Nemesis' TRIAL!  7/13/2015
NEMESIS¢¥ TRIALSo you think you can just relax because you¢¥re too strong?Why don¢¥t you test your brain and see what it takes![Event Introduction]- Take a break fro..

[EVENT] [EVENT / DONE] Equivalent Elemental Exchange 2  7/10/2015
EQUIVALENT ELEMENTAL EXCHANGE 2Rare materials of the earth is very precious, it will allrun dry. But for now, we feast on minerals but will cost us veryhea..

 Blade Ornament Random Box
 G Coin : 250G
Sea Carapace Random Box
 G Coin : 250G
 Brave Fencer Costume Random Box
 G Coin : 250G