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Subject: Forum Rules and Regulations!

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These rules and guidelines are implemented by administrators and moderators, and at their discretion, may delete posts without warning.

Posting Forum Threads
1. Relevancy of Thread: Threads should always be relevant to the topic. Please refrain from posting threads that are irrelevant to the topic or posting in the wrong section of the forum.

2. Spamming: No advertisements or referral/cross links to other services whether related to the game or not. Replies (usually fewer than 7 words) which do not contribute to a forum thread in a positive manner shall also be considered as spam. Certain forum threads expect short messages (like some forum games) but otherwise they are highly discouraged. This also includes posting the same thread, replies, unnecessary string of words or gibberish.

3. Duplicate threads: Please refrain from creating duplicate threads about existing topics. This also includes creating separate threads about existing topics for further discussion in more than one forum section.

4. Creating threads about unannounced/unconfirmed/false news ??Please refrain from creating threads that contain unconfirmed and false news. This also includes the provision of its links.

5. Hijacking Forum Threads: Kindly avoid "hijacking" a forum thread by changing the subject. Forum users should create their own threads if they wish to discuss a new topic.

Offensive Posts
1. Unruly behavior/Trolling/Har***ment/Flaming: Please do not create threads or post replies for the purpose of causing trouble and disturbance in the forum (i.e. taunting, picking fights, har***ing other players & staff etc.).

Please also refrain from flaming or badgering (writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason). All users are entitled to their own opinion and may disagree with certain views but please do so in a mature and respectful manner.
Lastly, please avoid creating unnecessary criticisms and spreading false and baseless (whether unintentional or not) rumors about the game or the company.

2. Racial/Religious: No posting of offensive materials that involve race, religion, social or any other personal or sensitive topics. This includes posting links, websites, that contain such language and/or images which promotes racial, religious, social discrimination and/or hatred; negative or even insulting portrayals of other races, religions and countries.

3. Obscenity/Violence/Vulgarity/Inappropriate language: No posting of lewd content or links. Everything must be kept safe for work and be mindful of ???oung visitors??in the forum. This includes both clear and implied language, links to websites that contain pornography, violent and/or ***ual acts; any form of questionable, inappropriate, explicit or vulgar language is not allowed.

1. Malicious Programs: Discussions and linking to software piracy, hacking, and other illegal materials are strictly not allowed. This involves cheats, in-game bug/technical issue exploits, BOTs; malicious software/programs and viruses.

2. Gold Selling/Real Money Trading (RMT): Advertisement of accounts or characters for sale, trade or auction, or forum users who are looking for accounts or characters to buy via forum posts, posting links to auction or online stores or even requesting payment with real life currency are strictly not allowed.

1. Illegal Activities/Organizations: This pertain the misusage of the forum by implying, engaging or ***ociated in any illegal activity or organization. Please refrain from using the forum as a medium for any illegal activity.

2. Impersonation of Forum Administrator/Moderator/Employee/Staff: Impersonating someone who works for Luminary to post on the forum is definitely not allowed.

3. Distribution of Real Life Information: Kindly avoid distributing real life information about other players or employees.

4. Discussion of Disciplinary Action: Please refrain from creating threads or posting replies that discusses the disciplinary actions taken against a player, character or forum user. This also includes chat logs, screenshots and email conversation between the player and the employee.

5. This is an English website therefore all forum posts must be written using the English language. Thread topics or replies written in a different language may be removed without notice, including the points they had earned.

6. Do not copy or plagiarize comments.

7. Avoid using excessive ALL CAPS and fancy texts as well as large font sizes in your posts.


Those who will be caught violating the rules and regulations of this forum will be judged depending on the severity of the posts in question. Course of action will either be temporary or permanently suspended.
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