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Calixis a descendant of a family that once formed an honorable order of knights, but then they fell from grace.

So Calix is discreet and careful, even forsaking the many advances from women that his handsome looks attract. Rather, his focus is on acquiring wealth, whether it be through stocks and business or even malfeasant ventures - money by any means necessary. Becoming rich, he believes, will enable him to take revenge on the people that caused his family's downfall.
This thirst for vengeance is what drives and motivates Calix, shaping him into the man he is today.
Named after a nymph in a medieval legend, Ariel truly lives up to her name. She is a cute, lively, and lovable girl, who happens to be the daughter of a prominent politician.
Her free-spirited and adventurous nature, however, can conflict with her father's more cautious ways. Her curiosity to explore and discover new places often leads her to somewhere her father certainly would not approve of; often dangerous places.

Wherever she goes, trouble seems to follow. But Ariel is able to overcome whatever problems through the sheer strength of her smile, beauty, and bubbly personality.
Fabian follows after his father. Like his elder, Fabian is a revolutionary leading a group of bandits and is passionate to learn more about weapons and combat strategies.

But unlike his father, Fabian wants to go out and see the bigger world. His father left his native home, a land called Abel, and now he refuses to return there. But Fabian wants to visit this land, and when he sees an official Abel notice granting pardons to bandits who will hunt and slay monsters on behalf of Abel, he decides to forsake his bandit life.
What Fabians dreams of is becoming a famous and honorable citizen, not an outlaw.
The orphaned daughter of a bandit, Raina was raised by Fabian's father, growing up very close to Fabian.
But when Fabian decided to head out for Abel, Raina was unwilling to go with him because she was afraid to travel. But Fabian persuades her to change her mind.

He is also able to bring out another side of Raina: Beneath her shy and reserved demeanor is a warrior that emerges, able to kill all manner of monsters. But after defeating these creatures, Raina always bursts into tears and then hides behind Fabian, as if she��s hiding a dual personality.