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Game is running.
Enjoy the holiday that is GoonZu Day, a 24-hour eventwhere you can party and earn some goodies, held the last Saturday of every month. When the clock strikes 12 a.m. Pacific Time (same as the in-game time), you will be able to earn 300% bonus experience for both Hunting and Manufacturing, and bonus experience is stackable with all appropriate items on that Saturday. Plus there's much more.
2012 : February Romance!
0:00 Hunting and Manufacturing
Bonus Time Starts
1:00 1st Item give away
2:00 Love Hurtz Monster Invasion
5:00 2nd Item Give Away
6:00 GM Spamathon
9:00 3rd item giveaway
10:00 Yes, No, Maybe Luminary Jeopardy
13:00 4th Item Giveaway
14:00 GM Spamathon
17:00 5th Item Giveaway
18:00 Love Hurtz Monster Invasion
21:00 6th Item Giveaway
22:00 GM Spamathon
1:00 7th Item Giveaway

Want to have a GoonZu Weekend?

Every month, we conduct polls on the Luminary's home page.
If we reach
3,000 total votes per month before GoonZu Day, we'll extend it to a GoonZu Weekend! Instead of one day of fun, you'll get the whole weekend to hunt and manufacture!
So please participate in the voting!

On each GoonZu Day, the Game Masters will select a theme to host a variety of events. But that's not all. There will be many more surprises. So keep coming back because there's no telling what kind of amazing happenings will pop up.
Some events will also include special prizes, ranging from solo rewards to couple rewards, and even rewards for everyone in the game!

Special packages will be on sale in our Item Mall ONLY during GoonZu Day!

Make a trip to the Item Mall, and get the packages for you in the Luminary world.

Aside from just events and prizes, every Luminary player will get free items just for participating in GoonZu Day! Everything from hard-to-find clothes to status boosts pills. There will also be some items that can't be found anywhere else in the game!

There will be two (2) Item Giveaways on GoonZu Day, giving you two chances to do little yet gain big. In order to receive these free items:

- Players must be online with free inventory spaces to receive the items.
- The time for Free Item Giveaways will be posted one (1) week prior to GoonZu Day. So keep checking the GoonZu Day schedule for the giveaways.
New towns will open on GoonZu Day, and only on GoonZu Day! When a new town opens, all users can subscribe at the Stock Market Building to receive stocks from the lottery.
The stocks will be given out three (3) times during GoonZu Day, giving all players from the world of Luminary a shot at receiving stocks!

- The lottery for stocks is random and occurs three (3) times during GoonZu Day. So keep checking the GoonZu Day schedule for listings on stock offerings and lottery times.
- Users must be level 20 and above to apply for stocks.
- Not every GoonZu Day will open a new town.