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Sarah Spencer
Location: Hanyang
Sarah appears to be a young girl but her age is still unknown. An 80 year old palace maid says that her appearance did not change since she started working as a 15 year old maid. Sarah will give you the first Quests of the game, and will allow you to learn the basics.
Siegfried von Bismark VII
Location: Hanyang
Siegfried is only 21 years old but his sagacity and noble family roots allowed him to become the youngest palace guard captain in history. Siegfried will give you beginner's Battle Quests.
Giselle Dupont
Location: Hanyang
Giselle is a 16 year old girl who has a dream of becoming a palace cook one day. She is very clumsy at many things but her enthusiasm towards cooking is very admirable. She gets in trouble by the master cook of the palace quite often and she frequently asks for the player’s help to find the ingredients or to make some food.
Location: Hanyang
McCoy is one of the Real craftersin this world. He will help you with Crafting Equipment, and make the Equipment more powerful with Enchanting.
Angelet Drapier
Location: Hanyang
Can be hired in any town.
Angelet sells simple and handy items. She will also buy all your Items for a cheap price. Town’s revenue : 5% of trade amount
Wallace Buffet
Location: Hanyang
Can be hired in any town.
Wallace likes to buy all your old and rotten Equipment. He pPurchases the items in proportion to the market price. Town’s revenue : 5% of trade amount
Helena Keller
Location: Hanyang
Helena is a 27 year old woman who loves to experiment things. She likes to test out her new creations and she often uses her attractive appearance to find her guinea pigs. Even though her experiment can be fatal, many men are still lining up to be her guinea pigs. Helena will give the Medicine Manufacturing Quests.
Axia Edison
Location: Hanyang
Axia is one of the greatest axe crafters in Luminary. She will give you the Axe manufacturing Quests.
Bowin Edison
Location: Hanyang
Bowin will Give the Bow Manufacturing Quest.
Spears Edison
Location: Hanyang
Spears will Give the Spear Manufacturing Quest.
Helmetio Berti
Location: Hanyang
Helmetio will Give the Helmet Manufacturing Quest.
Gunter Edison
Location: Hanyang
Gunter will Give the Helmet Manufacturing Quest.
Shoeberto Berti
Location: Hanyang
Shoeberto will Give the Shoes Manufacturing Quest.
Armorino Berti
Location: Hanyang
Armorino will Give the Armor Manufacturing Quests.
Swordina Edison
Location: Hanyang
Swordina will Give the Sword Manufacturing Quest.
Priest Dharma
Location: Hanyang
Priest will Give the Cane Manufacturing Quest.
Belito Berti
Location: Hanyang
Belito will Give the Belt Manufacturing Quest.
Jack Carpenter
Location: Hanyang
Jack Gives Random Hunting Quests that can be selected by the users. Town’s revenue : 5% of trade amount.
Tin Tin
Location: Hanyang
Can be hired in any town.
Restoring the durability of the old items and remodelling to new items. Town’s revenue : 5,000[M]
Ting Ting
Location: Hanyang
Ting Ting is the Girl Friend of Tin Tin, She will give out Rewards from Events.
Location: Hanyang
Reco will set your Recommender points into great prizes.
Guide Coach Wang
Location: East of Hanyang
Coach Wang Allows to fight in the Dark Army Battle Field. He will also give out Hunting Ground propriety to Guilds.
Location: Outside Raccoon World / South west of Naos
Antonio plans all Events for Raccoon World.
Location: Outside Monkey Hot Spring
One day, Monkeys were invade the Hot Spring. Ever Since, Hot spring is full of monsters Sophia is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s She will give quests to Level 25 and up. Help her to rescue her father.
Location: Outside of Aoji Coal Mine
There are monsters in the Aoji Coal Mine by Dark Army. And there is one mole who did turn into a monster. Sparky is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s You can only understand what he say if you are Lv. 30 and up.
Vlad Shaman
Location: Hanyang
Vlad will help you with all about Summons Resurrecting, strengthening and evolving
Location: Hanyang
Floria will give you Quests and Titles.
Location: Trading Port
Jude is Trading International Money [ACU]
Location: Trading Port
Alo is helping Players by Selling/Buying International Items.
Raccoon World
Devorah will Sell Raccoon Perfume for extra Power to kill the Raccoons.
Location:Raccoon World
Gonzales keeps his eye on the Gate, He will let no one in unless u have a Event.
Jean the Wanderer
Location: West of Almasha
Jean will give you the later Battle Quests.
Location: in Towns onlybr
Demain Giving Random High Lv Hunting Quests that can be selected by the users. You need a Ticket to do those Quests.
Location: Outside Ice Castle
The sisters of Giobanizm attacked by Frozen Queen, while they passing in front of Ice Castle. Luckily Meriel manage to escape, But she injured her leg. Meriel is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s You need to be Lv 35 and over to talk with her.
Location: Outside Baekdusan
A founder of Skeleton bat bandit to take down Bloody Bat. He was taken away their place to monsters in Baekdusan. But with some reason, He did not leave that place and wandering around Baekdusan. Brai is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s Please give him some help when you are Lv 40 or higher.
Location: Outside Sea Dragon Palace
Belita is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s She will not listen to you unless you are Lv. 43 or higher
Location: Outside Sea Dragon Palace
Hineas is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s He will teach you a lot but you need to be Lv 47 or higher
Location: Outside Dracula Castle
This young kid wants to bring peace to our World. Jeffrey is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s He is scared fast, He will only talk with trustable people You need to be Lv. 58 or higher to talk with Jeffrey
Outside HellGate
A old lady who look down Belita’s beauty. She was a legend of dragon knight with her beauty and powerful magic skills, A enemy of Kellan. Molda is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s You need to be Lv. 66 to listen to her story.
Location: West of Padovania
Anonymous NPC
Location: Unknown
Giving the Quests for later part of the game
Location: Outside Holy Ground
Kelan is a mysterious man, There is not much known about him. He is one of the Hunting Ground NPC’s You need to be Lv. 52 to talk with this mysterious man.