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Title   [PvP Event] Champion of the Gods season 6!
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   8/29/2016 1:46 AM Hits   1080

The Sixth season of the PvP event is about to begin!

As we have a new champion from the Fifth season which is itsGir,
now a new title awaits for the new champion because the previous Champions 
cannot participate in the league anymore!

So, sharpen your weapons and prepare for glorious battle!

[Event Mechanics]

- To participate in the Event, you will need to send your application to and name it “I am your Champion!

Application letter must contain the following details:
Account ID:
Character Name:
Character Level:
All aspiring warriors must also submit their preferred icon during the bracketing or you can also submit your real picture (optional).

- If you are chosen as 1 of the participants, you are entitled to send 100 Million Marbles as a registration
payment through GM's post office (ModNemesis or Rhie)

- The GMs shall post the participating fighters for this event in website, Luminary facebook page, and game launcher notice.

- Participants must be level 110 and above.

- First 16 eligible fighters shall be selected for this event.

- The event will be held inside Hell Gate (34, 51)

- All audiences must not enter the PvP premises 

- GMs will be there for further instructions.

- A reward will be given for the Champion of Bracket A and Bracket B.

- Both champions of Block A and B will have another fight for the title of “Champion of Zeus” and another reward shall be given.

- A short video shall be posted in Luminary facebook page after the event!

- Anyone who disturbs or perform any actions that will disrupt the event shall be penalized accordingly.

- Elimination, Bracket Semi and Finals will have “Best of 3 Matches”.

- Battle of the Champions will have “Best of 5 Matches”.

- Previous Champions cannot enter the league anymore: Hagipher, tasm and XEvilChooX, itsGir.

[PvP Map Location] Hell Gate 1F (37,50)

[Rules and Regulations]

- Summon Pets are not allowed, cape abilities that summon pets included.
- Premium buffs/items, skill buffs, etc. are allowed. 
- Mounts are allowed. 
- Spirit Items are allowed. 
- Using of HP/MP potions is allowed. 
- 2 weapons equipped are allowed. (dual users) 
- Any weapon ranks are allowed.
- GM's decision will be final. 
- If the participant disobeyed the rules of the event, he/she will be disqualified.
- If the participant experienced any internet disconnection, it will result to a disqualification.
- Waiting time is 5 minutes.

Watchers must not use CUSHIONS or SIT during the battle or else they will end up in jail!

[Event Schedule]

Registration Schedule
Start: August 31, 2016 at 23:00 PST
End: September 07, 2016 at 23:00 PST

Announcement of Fighters / Participants / Bracket Matches
September 09, 2016 at 01:00 PST


Consolation Rewards
- 3 x Golden Raccoon Random Box
- 2 x Premium Re-Packing Ticket OR 1 x Re-Packing Ticket
- 1 x Platinum Raccoon Random Box
- 5 x Divine Seed

Bracket A and B Champions
- Item Mall items worth 2,000 Gcoins (Sales, Latest Item Mall Boxes not included)
- 3x Premium Re-Packing Ticket OR 2 Re-Packing Ticket

Champion of Zeus
- Item Mall items worth 3,000 Gcoins (Sales, Latest Item Mall Boxes not included) 
- Additional 4x Premium Re-Packing Ticket OR 3 Re-Packing Ticket
1 [PG] Equipment of choice (Weapon or Armor). (300% and 5 Slotted)

Good Luck and Have Fun to everyone, its time to have a new champion!

Luminary GoonZu Global Team
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