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Title   [EVENT] The Path to Triumph Phase I (Christmas Event)
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   12/02/2016 4:10 AM Hits   958



·         Only those towns that successfully activated and decorated their Christmas tree can join this event.

·         Town Chief must take a screen shot of their town.

·         Christmas tree with decorations must be clearly shown in the picture.

·         The town chief and at least 5 residents must be in the picture also.

[How to submit your screen shot]

·         Town chief must submit the screen shot of their town in Luminary Facebook page.





Town Chief ign:

Screen shot:


                [Other Information]


·         This is a sub sequential event to the Grand Town Brawl event.

·         The first 6 teams who submitted their valid entry will be the participants.

·         The GM Team will be checking the entries of each Town; we will be also checking your trees in game for confirmation.

·         On the 25th day of December, we will be announcing the 6 winners and reveal the Phase II event mechanics.

·         The first Town who submitted their entry will have a sure slot for the “Grand Town: The Final Brawl”.

Official Event Page:


We will only accept entries from the official page event, so please make sure you are posting on the right page.


[Town Qualifiers reward]


- 10x Bouquet

- 10x Chocolate Egg

- 10x Water Melon

- 10x Divine Seed

- 6x Golden Raccoon Random Box

- 6x Platinum Raccoon Random Box

- 5x Marshmallow Coonie

- 5x Siegfried Box

- 3x Military Box

- 2x GE Wish Box

- Amazing Raccoonie Random Box x10

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