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Title   [Event] Grand Emperor Cup
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   8/07/2018 1:38 AM Hits   737

Grand Emperor Cup

(5v5 PvP Battle)

House Rules:

1. One on one battle matches with the overall victory determined by most points.

2. Teams should register on their Facebook event page to participate in the tournament.

3. In case a team player has decided not participate even already registered, that team member        will no longer participate and must find a replacement for the match to continue. But that              player may return to battle again for the next batch.

4. Team members from each team will be randomly selected for any battle assigned by the GMs.

5. No Time Limit per match.

6. Each battle per match will become a Best of Three Series. First to get 2 wins will get the match      point.

7. In case any team had lack of players, that opposing player will get a BYE or automatic win or        someone from the team may volunteer to battle that opposing team member.

8. The scheduled series of matches will be announced in game and through Facebook. All                  scheduled matches will use the PDT / PST time on all matches.

9. All participating team members, including the team captain, will be recalled once the match          has been announced.

10. It is in the discretion of the moderators to restart the match if there will be experiencing                technical difficulties during the tournament.

11. Any team member leaving the match in the middle of the match, will automatically forfeit and        the match point will go to the opposing team member.

12. Spectators are allowed in the tournament venue but should not interfere during matches.

13. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team member that are felt to be                              cheating/manipulate matches.

14. Searching for new players in the last minute is not allowed before the match has begun. Once        the teams have already registered, that will be the team for the assigned match.

15. Teams must report to the organizers before the scheduled match through in game and on              Luminary Facebook page.

16. Respect are expected to be shown in the expanse of the tournament.

Team Roster:

1. The team should have at least 5 members.

2. Post your team through this format on Facebook:

Team Name:

Team Captain:

Team Members:

3. No fixed teams so any player may join another team or create other team.

4. Players who participated once for this batch, cannot join to look for another group. 

5. Although, players may look for another team for the next batches.

6. Teams should be posted on our Facebook page or through our moderators in game.

7. During the tournament, teams can still be created during the tournament.

8. Any members can join with no level restriction.

9. In case a player from that team got banned from the game, they should find an                            immediate replacement player for the whole tournament.

10. A player that had a team already cannot be considered as a replacement from this team.

Battle Requirements:

No weapon restriction.

No summon pet restriction.

No guardian spirit restriction.

No magic or skills restriction.

Tournament Point System (TPS):

1. Individual Standings of all players will be determined based on the number of matches                  that a team member won.

2. Tournament Point System is also referred to as Match Point.

3. The top player with the most Tournament Point System during the team matches will get              special rewards.

4. If a player defeated the opposing team member, that player gets a Match Point.

5. If a player defeated the opposing team captain, that player gets three (3) Match Points.

6. The losing team member will get (0) zero points.

Sudden Death:

In case of a tie breaker for total match points for both teams, Sudden Death will occur.

Each team must choose a representative to battle for this match.

First player to get a win will become the winner for the Sudden Death.

Same TPS points will apply for the Sudden Death. 


1. Playoffs will be happening during the last week during the duration of this event.

2. Top Individual Players will be participated based on their Match Points depending on the                number of players joined.

3. The TPS will no longer be applicable in all Playoff Matches.
4. Playoff Matches will be scheduled as usual.

5. All Playoff Matches will be the Best of Three Series.

6. Finals will become the Best of Five Series. First to get three wins will determine the                      winner and Grand Emperor Champion!


To be distributed after finishing all matches every batch. The contents will be a surprise!

Disclaimer and Notice of Warning:

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.
- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

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