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Title   [Christmas Offer] BONUS G-COINS EXTRAVAGANZA
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   12/16/2016 12:08 AM Hits   1138


[Tell me more]

- Each account who will purchase 10,000 G-coins is entitled to get additional 1,500 G-coins.

- This is just a 3 day limited offer.


[Event Duration]


-       December 16 @ 00:00 until December 19 23:59 PM

[Restrictions & Rules]


-       - Each account can only get 1-time Bonus G-coins.

   - Purchasing more than 10,000, the bonus G-coins will not exceed to 1,500.

-  - Bonus G-coins is fixed @ 1,500.

[How to get the bonus G-coins]


-      - Once you purchase enough G-coins for the bonus, you can send a request to our CS

-      - Take a screen shot of the purchased history (Date and amount).

-      - Screen shot must be seen clearly.

   - The date of purchase must cover the schedule of the event. (December 16 @ 00:00 until December 19 23:59 PM)

 [Other Important Note]

-      - Processing of bonus G-coins will take 1?7 Days after the Event Duration.

   - We will not include any accounts who purchased before and after the event duration.


      [It’s not over yet]

   - Get additional bonus item from the GM’s once you purchased 10k G-coins.

   - Include this items upon your request together with the screen shot of your purchased history.


[Bonus Items]

o    Bronze Key x3

o    Silver Key x2

o    Gold Key x2

o    PRRB & GRRB x5

o    Candy Set x25

o    Premium Re-Pack and Re-Packing x1

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