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Title   [Luminary Patch] Military Cushion
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   12/13/2018 2:23 AM Hits   614

Additional Details

    Military Cushion (1st Generation)

    Military Cushion (2nd Generation)

Military Cushion Random Box Contents

1x Multi-Vit (30 Days)

4x Allow Grindstone

4x Alloy Cloth

10x Synchro Potion

5x Miracle Hammer

5x Elixir

3x Premium Re-Packing Ticket

1x Weapon Slayer Box

1x Shinigami Mount Box

1x Military Cushion Box

Allow the trade function using Premium Re-Packing Ticket

  Military Cushion (1st Generation)

   Military Cushion (2nd Generation)

 Military Cushion Cushion Box

 Disable the trade function Market Trade/PO/Personal Trade/Premium Personal Market

   Military Cushion (1st Generation)

   Military Cushion (2nd Generation)

 Military Cushion Cushion Box


Recover 800 HP & MP every 5 seconds

Improve Organ Status by 8 - 10 points in every 30 seconds

Drops 5 points from fullness every 30 seconds

Stinky Effect / Monster Repel

750 HP & MP Recovery in every 5 seconds on Summon Pet

Gain Cooldown Charges

350% on Hunting and Manufacturing Bonus

Luck + 75


Reducing manufacturing time to 19 seconds.

Adding 55% effect for every food that affects Organ Status


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