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Title   [Luminary] Falcon, The Sky Hawk Mount
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   5/20/2021 9:43 PM Hits   275


Additional Contents

Falcon, The Sky Hawk Mount

Falcon (1st and 2nd Generation)


Allow the trade function using Premium Re-Packing Ticket

Falcon, The Sky Hawk Mount

Disable the trade function Market Trade/PO/Personal Trade/Premium Personal Market

Falcon, The Sky Hawk Mount

Golden Time Crate Contents (May 2021 Random Box)



Moon Stone

Great Dragon Bullet

Premium Re-Packing Ticket

Re-Packing Ticket

Great Stone

Adventurer’s Pass

Alloy Grindstone

Mystical Crystal Ball

Alloy Cloth

Miracle Hammer

Miracle Nail

Extension Stone

All-Town Access Ticket

Year of the Ox Pouch

Siri, the Guardian Maiden (365 days)

Spring Flower Clothes Box

Spring Flower Hat Box

Spring Flower Cushion Box


       Falcon (NEW!)           



Mount Attributes

Speed: 27
STR: 500~550
DEX: 600~650
VIT: 450~550
WIS: 450~550
MAG: 730~800
HND: 450~550
Magic Attack: +1500

Elemental Buff
Fire Defense: +70%
Wind Defense: +50%
Water Defense: 70%
Land Defense: +50%

Attack Buff
Physical Attack +20%
Defense: +20%

Note: The Stats Above apply directly to the character.


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