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Title   [Luminary Patch] Flourish Tale Costume Set
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   8/25/2021 9:35 PM Hits   1150

Additional Contents

1. Flourish Tale Clothes

2. Flourish Tale Hat

Allow the trade function using Premium Re-Packing Ticket

1. Flourish Tale Clothes

2. Flourish Tale Hat

Disable the trade function Market Trade/PO/Personal Trade/Premium Personal Market

1. Flourish Tale Clothes

2. Flourish Tale Hat


(August 2021 Random Box)

x5 MoonStone 

x10 Crystal 

x5 Great?Dragon?Bullet 

x5 Premium Re-Packing Ticket 

x5 Re-Packing Ticket 

x5 GreatStone 

x1 Adventurer’s Pass 

x5 Alloy Grindstone 

x5 Alloy Cloth 

x5 Miracle Hammer 

x5 Miracle Nail 

x5 Extension Stone 

x5 All-Town Access Ticket 

x1 Year of the Ox Pouch 

x1 Aegis Soul Guard 

x1 Spring Flower Cushion 

x1 Spring Flower Clothes Box 

x1 Spring Flower Hat Box 

x1 Chungmugong Nam I 

x1 Guardian Lion medal box 

x1 Strawberry Bath Cushion 

New! x1 Edelweiss Mount Medal 

New! x1 A Sunset Camper Cushion 

New! x1 Flourish Tale Clothes 

New! x1 Flourish Tale Hat


SampleFlourishTaleMale SampleFlourishTaleFemale

NOTE: Players need to equip a full set of the Divine Soul Set to have 

its Flourish Tale Set Effect appear in-game.

+4 Random Stats: +255

All Skills Added +40~46

All Flourish Tale Clothes and Hat will have the following stats once it is worn:


 Divine Soul Set +  Flourish Tale Set Equipped ( 9 Set )

Physical Defense: +60%
Magic Attack: +90%
Magic Defense: +80%
AGI: 300
VIT: 350
MAG: 400
Wisdom: 400
Max HP: 45%
Max MP: 45%
Critical: 20%
HIT: 20
LUK: 20
Weapon Skill: 20
Fire Defense: 50%
Water Defense: 50%
Draining Amount: 80%
First Strike Prevention


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