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Title   [DONE] Maintenance July 31, 2019
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   7/30/2019 8:59 PM Hits   324

Attention Luminarians!

We would like to inform everyone that Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu shall perform regular server maintenance, this procedure will be for the server refresh and some system improvements.

[Start Schedule]

Date - July 31, 2019
Time - 00:00 PST/PDT


We would like to inform everyone that Zeus Server is now up and running, players can now access and play Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu!

[End Schedule]

Date - July 31, 2019
Time - 01:35 PST/PDT


- Exchange System has now been implemented in-game.

The system that will want to exchange your Celestial Tickets for the item list 
found in NPC Giselle Dupont located inside Hanyang.

- Celestial Ticket

The special ticket used to exchange the items that you desire from NPC Giselle Dupont's Exchange Center. 
The Celestial Ticket can only be claimed thru purchasing random boxes from the Grand Celestial Set, 
which includes Ophanim's Ethereal Set and other future updates from the set. This means upon purchasing the Ophanim's Ethereal Wing Cape Random Box, for instance, you will be receiving one (1) Celestial Ticket absolutely free upon purchase.

- Server Refresh

Bonus hunt and manufacture experience gain have set to 300%. Item supply giveaways (2 pcs. Chocolate Egg). 
We greatly appreciate the patience and relentless support for Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu.


Thank you for continuous support on Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu.
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