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Title   [Luminary] Sea Dragon's Lounge (Raid Event)
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   11/26/2020 12:11 AM Hits   242

Additional Contents

1.     New Dungeon Floor (System) - Sea Dragon's Lounge

2.     New Mobs

3.     New Item Drop / Material

Location to Sea Dragon's Lounge

Located at Field, Near Asran (265, 586)

Requirements to Enter

1.   Character Level 100 and UP.

Sea Dragon's Lounge Monsters

Pawn Octopus

Level 115


Level 135

Rakshasa Cub 

(Note: Players can't hit it but avoid getting stunned by this monster.)

Level 135

Drill Shark

Level 135

Sea Dragon (Boss)

(Note: Not a usual Sea Dragon Boss! Highly Dangerous.)

Level 135

Sea Dragon Boss's Loots

Water Stone


Dinosaur Leather

Golden Stone Piece

Necromancer Random Box

Soul Stone (New)

Materials Info / Source / Usage


Soul Stone

Items to craft Soul Ring


       Items / materials needed to craft a Soul Ring

1x Soul Stone

1x Aquamarine

1x Cobalt

Soul Ring's Attribute


The Soul Ring's attribute can have a range by the following:

Strength and Magic: + 20 - 60

Vitality and Agility: + 30 - 90

Trade Info 

 A  About Soul Stones


        - Can't be traded using Personal Trade | Market Trade | Post Office.

        - Can't be send to another account.

      - Can't be send to another character within the same account.

Raid Schedule (Schedules all in PST)

06:00AM (Everyday)

08:00PM (Everyday)


  • Sea Dragon must be defeated or else it will never show up onto the next batch on the same day.
  • Players should become active beating the Sea Dragon Boss on the Sea Dragon's Lounge to claim rewards.

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