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Title   [02-21-13] v.706 Patch Notes
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   2/21/2013 1:53 AM Hits   2880
Luminary Patch Notes 706

Greetings Luminarians!

Thank you for being patient with our maintenance today. There are new nice items waiting for you. We released an item that`s exclusive to only Global. We need to test it in in live servers and make sure there were no issues. Hope you enjoy your time playing in luminary!

Items added:
- Ginger Train Mount ( exclusive for global)
- Mint Clothes
- Mint Hat
- Set effects for Mint set 

Items to be released:
- Winter Cushion ( Gacha)

We appreciate your time, effort and patience with us. We will bring more innovative items your way soon! We appreciate comments on the new items as well.

- Luminary Team
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