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Title   [Quick Preview] The Supremacy Warfare
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   5/25/2018 2:20 AM Hits   1427

The long wait is finally over! The war has just begun! We finally resolved this issue for decades! We are finally bringing back this awesome battle to showcase each guild’s supremacy!

After having a successful comeback; listening to feedback from players; and developing with almost a decade issue; finally, the much-awaited fixes has now done in the world of Luminary!

The things you do before the guild reign supreme!

How to Join the Guild Vs. Guild?

The Guild Master from each guild should proceed to the Guild Hall.

Click the GVG Button to set the schedule and choose the opposing guild.


There's a corresponding schedule to choose from. Also, you can apply the desired opposing guild manually through typing the guild name that the Guild Master wants to face. 

To know more about the current active guilds, you can click the "GvG recommended Guild" 

then choose from there. 

Guild Masters may type their opposing guild manually in the box beside the 

"GVG recommended Guild" tab.

Once you have chosen the guild from the "GVG recommended Guild" click "Select Guild" tab.


Once you have selected the preferred schedule and chosen the opposing guild,

 click "Apply for GvG" tab and you are all SET!

There will be a notification message right after you have applied for the GvG battle. 

Take note! Only the Guild Masters will be the one proposing the match for both guilds.


Choosing the Right Guild!

Seek for a guild that has full potential to win the whole thing!

More active and recommended guilds to choose from.

Look for players in the guild you desire that will help you motivate!

Invite a guild mate that has the passion for winning the war!

Overall Gameplay

Every participating guild must have at least 8 members.

More guild members participating, the merrier!

More reinforcements means total annihilation!

Possibility of a mismatch, waiting to happen!

Each emblem of all participating guilds will appear during the event proper.

The guild with the most kills, will be rewarded and claim the victory!

The losing guild will experience heartache and heartbreak!

There are many ways to win The Supremacy Warfare!

Recruit the best guild mate that deserves to be the best!

Bring your ultimate weapon! The X-Factor!

Feed the mounts and summon pets.

Bring a spiritual companion that will bring you to the promise land. 

Dress to impress for battle!

Transform yourself into someone stronger!

Everything must be in place.

Strategy is key and brag this victory!

The Features of Guild Vs. Guild

Battle Guild Point System (BGP) will be used in this event.

600 second Time Limit will be implemented match.

Minimum requirement for each guild should be at least 8 members.

Unlimited Respawn! Yes! More time to prepare before preparing for battle!

Challenge not only your rival but also the opposing guild as well!

The number of kills will be the basis to win the whole thing.

The winning guild receives Battle Guild Points

Also, Battle Guild Points will be deducted from losing a match!

Remember, strategy is key!

What is Battle Guild Points (BGP)? 

Battle Guild Points can be earned through winning during the Guild Vs. Guild only.

This feature will be implemented real soon.

For the meantime, we are urging you to familiarize with the guild mechanics. 

That way, all players must know the flow of this mode and come up with the new

strategy for this event.

Known Fixes

      Guilds can now enter the Hunting Grounds, once they have registered for this event.

Players may now battle each other inside the Hunting Grounds. 

After the player's respawn, they can now hit the opposing guild member.


       Guilds will receive a notification whether they receive Guild Points, or not, after the match has ended.

- END -

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