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Title   [Luminary Patch] Winter Beach Clothes Set
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   11/10/2021 8:40 PM Hits   1240


Additional Details

1. Snow Fall Crate

2. Winter Beach Clothes

3. Winter Beach Hat

New! Snow Fall Crate (November 2021 Random Box)

-New Box Contents-

MoonStone 5pcs

Crystal 10pcs

Great Dragon Bullet 5pcs

Premium Re-Packing Ticket 5pcs

Re-Packing Ticket 5pcs

GreatStone 5pcs

Adventurer’s Pass 1pc

Alloy Grindstone 5pcs

Alloy Cloth 5pcs

Miracle Hammer 5pcs

Miracle Nail 5pcs

Extension Stone 5pcs

All-Town Access Ticket 5pcs

Year of the Ox Pouch 1pc

FalconMedalBox 1pc

Gale Spirit(Range) 1pc

Hunter Spirit(Melee) 1pc

A Sunset Camper Cushion 1pc

Flourish Tale Hat Box 1pc

Flourish Tale Clothes Box 1pc

Edelweiss Medal Box 1pc

New! Winter Beach Clothes Box 1pc

New! Winter Beach Hat Box 1pc



NOTE: Players need to equip a full set of the SeaKing Set to have 

its Winter Beach Set Effect appear in-game.

+4 Random Stats: +255

All Skills Added +39~45

All Winter Beach Clothes and Hat will have the following stats once it is worn:


 SeaKing Set +  Winter Beach Set Equipped ( 9 Set )

Physical Attack: +110%
Physical Defense: +80%
Magic Defense: +65%
STR: 70
DEX: 500
VIT: 550
LUK: 20
WIS: 360
Max HP: 65%
Max MP: 25%
Critical: 18%
HIT: 20

Weapon Skill: 18
Water Defense: 55%
Land Defense: 55%
Draining Amount: 80%
First Strike Prevention


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