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Title   [Update] New Mount: Bixi Drake
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   11/15/2022 5:17 PM Hits   610

This is Limited time premium item only so don't forget to get yours~

Base Stats:

Special status buff

▶ As it is a high-level mount, it provides a buff that is advantageous to magic attacks.

10 / 30%
Fire Defense
Water Defense
Wind Defense
Land Defense

Skill: Mighty Wall 

▶ Casts an area shield on nearby town residents.

1. Casts a shield in proportion to the user's lost HP value when using the skill.

2. When using the skill, the user creates a shield that is a new replacement HP equal to the amount of HP consumed from the user's maximum health (default 100).

3. Shields are applied to characters in the same village within a 4-tile range around the character using the skill.

4. The HP of the shield on an ally is 70% of the user's shield.

5, The defense applied to the shield applies the individual's ability.

6. Shield duration is 10 seconds / If the shield is not completely removed for 10 seconds, the shielded character uses "Water Cannon".

7. All characters with shield skills apply -90% movement speed for 10 seconds of shield duration.

8. Movement speed returns to normal when the shield ends.

9. Cooldown is 350s.

Mount Ability

1. When a skill is used, an icon is displayed in the buff window of the user and the target to whom the skill is applied.

2. The shield effect is commonly applied to the character with the skill applied.

3. Gain maximum shield strength based from missing HP.

Character's missing HP:

Character full HP:

Passive Skill: Water Cannon

1. Linked skill of Mighty Wall skill

2. Magic attack by randomly targeting an enemy within the range of 4 tiles centered on the character where the skill was activated.

3. If the enemy character does not completely remove the shield during the shield skill application time of 10 seconds, an automatic attack is triggered for 10 seconds (1 time).

4. The same applies to all characters with shields applied around them, including skill users.

5. Defense Up Buff

Luminary Global Team.
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