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Title   [DONE] Maintenance January 6, 2021
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   1/06/2021 3:01 PM Hits   132

Attention Luminarians!

We would like to inform everyone that Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu shall perform regular server maintenance, this procedure will be for the server refresh and some system improvements.

[Start Schedule]

Date - January 6, 2021
Time - 00:00 PST/PDT


We would like to inform everyone that Zeus Server is now up and running, players can now access and play Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu!

Date - January 06, 2021
Time - 03:30 PST/PDT


[New Year Statue Event]

The Year of the White Ox is here. Each town can now build its own
New Year Statue. The event related to this event will be posted right after
the maintenance.

The In-Game New Year Banner is now live during the duration of the Event.

NOTE: Only the Town Chief of each town can build structures for their respective towns.

[Limited Time Only Event]

Since it is already New Year, we will bring back for one time only!
The Inspired Paradox 10+1 Promo for limited time.

It is now available on the item mall near you!

[Attendance Event]

The Attendance Event has been updated for the month of January 2021.

[Item Drops from Ancient Gargoyle]

The item drops from the Ancient Gargoyle have been revised as follows:

Angelet's Secret Photo = 5% chance to get 1000 - 3000 drop.
White Gold = 4% chance to get 1000 White Gold.
Cobalt = 4% chance to get 1000 Cobalt.

[EXP Issue]

When a player using the Luminary Blessing and other EXP buff items,
there is a chance that a player cannot gain a certain amount of EXP.

This was already been revised and fixed. But if the issue still persist,
please do message us if you still encounter this issue.

[Server Refresh]

Bonus hunt and manufacturing experience gain have set to 300%. Item supply giveaways (3 pcs. Moon Cake every hour).

We greatly appreciate the patience and relentless support for Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu.

Luminary GoonZu Global Team
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