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Title   [Luminary Patch] Soul Guard - Ultimate Ancestral Spirit
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   1/20/2021 8:19 PM Hits   812

Additional Details

  Soul Guard Aegis

The Lunar Ascension Box Contents (January Crate Box)

Ancient Gold Key

Gold Key

Premium Re-Packing Ticket

Re-Packing Ticket

Boss Invasion Ticket

Adventurer’s Pass

Alloy Cloth


Alloy Grindstone

All-Town Access Ticket

Grand Celestial Guardian Spirit Random Box

The Emperor's Majestic Random Box

Grand Celestial Clothes Random Box (EPIC)

The Brothers’ Inferno Transformation Spirit Random Box

Guardian Lion Medal Box

Siri, the Guardian Maiden (365 days)

Soul Guard (NEW!)

Allow the trade function using Premium Re-Packing Ticket

  Soul Guard Aegis

Disable the trade function Market Trade/PO/Personal Trade/Premium Personal Market

  Soul Guard Aegis



STR +390

DEX +390

VIT +450

Wind Element x4.1

Land Element x4.1


Chance to increase MP of the character at a certain rate during battle

Chance to increase HP of the character at a certain rate during battle.

Chance to increase the damage of the character at a certain rate during battle.

Chance to stun the target.

The Guardian Spirit will use magic attack at the target at a set rate when damaged.


[DONE] Maintenance February 10, 2021 2/10/2021
[DONE] Maintenance February 3, 2021 2/3/2021
18664 [Luminary Patch] Soul Guard - Ultimate Ancestra.. 1/20/2021
[DONE] Maintenance January 20, 2021 1/20/2021
[DONE] Maintenance January 13, 2021 1/13/2021