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Title   [Luminary Patch] The Spring Flower Cushion
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   3/24/2021 7:49 PM Hits   308

Additional Details

    The Spring Flower Cushion (30 days)

Leprechaun's Lucky Crate Contents

5x Moon Stone

5x Great Dragon Bullet

5x Premium Re-Packing Ticket

5x Re-Packing Ticket

5x Great Stone

1x Adventurer's Pass

5x Alloy Grindstone

5x Mystical Crystal Ball

5x All-Town Access Ticket

1x Year of the Ox Pouch

1x Grand Celestial Mount Box

1x Aegis Soul Guard

1x Siri, the Guardian Maiden (365 Days)

1x Spring Flower Clothes Box

1x Spring Flower Hat Box

1x Spring Flower Cushion (30 days)

Allow the trade function using Premium Re-Packing Ticket

 The Spring Flower Cushion (30 days)

 Disable the trade function Market Trade/PO/Personal Trade/Premium Personal Market

 The Spring Flower Cushion (30 days)


Great Dragon Bullet

This item becomes active when right-clicking and consumes 1 item per basic attack.

Each time the item is consumed, damage increases by 5%.

There is a 5/100 chance to hit this effect using the Mystical Crystal Ball.

The effects will overlap.


You can deactivate the buff by right-clicking on the item, there will be a notification message.

Once you have activated, the buff item disappears. But you can use it again.

Mystical Crystal Ball

This is an item that allows you to get one buff from a number of buffs at random.

Once you use the Mystical Crystal Ball, the effect of the item will change.

Great Stone

Once you used this item, you can acquire Perfect Grade items with a probability of 1/1000.

The effect is applied when making items after using the GreatMoon.

The item can be used only once with set duration.

Moon Stone

Increases the performance of manufactured items between 1 and 5%.

The item can be used only once with set duration.


Reducing manufacturing time to 19 seconds.

Adding 55% effect for every food that affects Organ Status

Additional 3000 HP if the Cushion is already in the inventory.

Similar statistics with the Winter Solstice Wonderland Cushion.

[DONE] Maintenance April 7, 2021 4/7/2021
[DONE] Maintenance March 31, 2021 3/31/2021
18689 [Luminary Patch] The Spring Flower Cushion 3/24/2021
[DONE] Maintenance March 24, 2021 3/24/2021
[DONE] Maintenance March 17, 2021 3/17/2021