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Title   [EVENT] DECEMBER 2016 Goonzu Weekend Events~!
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   12/22/2016 7:30 PM Hits   1348



(Destiny Tower's trial)

Years has passed and the battle between good and evil continue. The celestial angels and seraph has been taken down by Nehero’s army they took over the celestial fortress and now, they even have the Seraph princess (ModKairi). Now that they are in control of the fortress they plan to unleashed the 4 Abyssal Creature (Sphinx, Queen Bee, Eledersoul Lasko, and Eldersoul Gemorl to rule the entire world.

Only the bravest warrior can take down the entire army and the 4 Abyssal God.
The story of your life has about to unfold, accept your destiny and bring down the Abyssal gods!


- There will be 5 teams for this event.
- The GM Team will be using the Destiny Tower Hunting Ground.
- Each team must have at least 1 member with Facebook account.


- You must have “Cursed Destiny Scroll” item (If none, ask some for the GM)
- There is no item restriction.
- There is no level restriction.
- You must form a 5 man team to be able to join.


1. The GM team will be posting a registration thread in Luminary Facebook fan page.
2. Interested team must submit their entry on the official registration posted by the GM (First 5 teams only).
3. Each registered team will have their schedule base on the registration thread (First come First serve)
4. This is like a time attack challenge, and the fastest team to finish the trial will be declared as the winner.

[Teams Schedule]

a. Team 1 (5:00 PM PST) 8:00 AM PHT
b. Team 2 (6:00 PM PST) 9:00 AM PHT
c. Team 3 (7:00 PM PST) 10:00 AM PHT
d. Team 4 (8:00 PM PST) 11:00 AM PHT
e. Team 5 (9:00 PM PST) 12:00 AM PHT

[Format of registration] 

? Team Name
? Team Members
? Team Leader


1. Each team must clear all the floors in “Destiny Tower” (Total of 10 Floors)
2. All monsters in the field must be eliminated by the team.
3. The portal to the next floor is the rendezvous point of GM and the whole team.
4. You must wait for the signal of the GM before entering the next floor.
5. The last 4 floor will have 1 boss; 7th floor (Snowy Handed Sphinx; 8th floor Queen Bee; 9th         Floor Eldersoul Gemorl; 10th Floor Eldersoul Lasko & Boss Nehero.
6. When you reach the final floor (10th floor) you will see the princess (ModKairi) lying on the         ground. 
7. The main objective is to defeat all the Boss, Monsters and NEHERO to awake the princess             (ModKairi).
8. Only by then, you will see the princess being resurrected and the GM will stop the timer and         compute the total time of the team.
9. Once the GM announced the total time, one of the Team members should take a screen shot         of their entire team together with the princess (ModKairi).
10. You must also put this in your “AD” tab “DESTINY TOWER CONQUERER”
11. Once you are done taking a screen shot, one of the team member must post it to the official         Luminary Facebook page with a caption like this 


Team Name:
Team Members:
Total Time:

[Rewards (each member)] 

***Prize Insertion: 11:00 PM ? 12:00 MN PDT

First Place
1. Bronze Key (3pcs)
2. Silver Key (2pcs)
3. Gold Key (1pc)
4. Wish Box (2pc)
5. 2 kinds of Crafting Materials (3000pcs) (choice, except Emperor’s Divine Stone)
6. Raccoon Lucky Pouch (1pc)
7. White Candy (25pcs)
8. Status Reset/Skill Reset (Choice)

Second Place
1. Bronze Key (2pcs)
2. Silver Key (1pc)
3. Gold Key (1pc)
4. 2 kinds of Crafting Materials (2000pcs) (choice, except Emperor’s Divine Stone)
5. White Candy (25pcs)
6. Status Reset/Skill Reset (Choice)

Third Place
1. Bronze Key (1pc)
2. Silver Key (1pc)
3. 2 kinds of Crafting Materials (1000pcs) (choice, except Emperor’s Divine Stone)
4. White Candy (25pcs)
5. Status Reset/Skill Reset (Choice)

Consolation (4th and 5th)
1. Bronze Key (1pc)
2. 2 kinds of Crafting Materials (500pcs) (choice, except Emperor’s Divine Stone)
3. White Candy (25pcs)
4. Status Reset/Skill Reset (Choice)

[Disclaimer and Notice of Warning]

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.

- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

Santa’s helping Hand


1. The GM Santa will be announcing in game and will ask for your help.
2. Players must do a favor by giving the GM Santa he’s desired item.
3. The first player who traded the item to GM Santa will be receiving a special reward.
4. There will be 10 rounds for this event and 10 players will be rewarded.

Santa’s Adherent


1. During the event period the GM will be appearing in game.
2. The GM will be announcing his location to the players.
3. Once the announcement has been made, players will need to present their characters wearing their Santa’s costume.
4. If the players who presented their Santa’s costume will be more than 20 we will give a special prize to all online players.
5. If the players who presented their Santa’s costume will be less than 20, only those players who presented their costume will be rewarded.


2015 Sheep pouch Madness (System 

Everyone is invited in the upgraded GoonZu Day System Event, get ready for some awesome prizes and milestones which will make everyone busy! And wait there's more! The Luminary Team added the 2015 Sheep pouch madness for you to enjoy this one of a kind experience you shouldn't miss!

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at

See you all this weekend!

Luminary GoonZu Global Team
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