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Title   [EVENT] The Collector's Deal
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   1/12/2018 12:00 AM Hits   765


It's the time once again for the grandest gathering of all the collectors in Abel. People will flock for the items that they never had in their lives. They take advantage for this great opportunity. It is also their time to reminiscent the memory of having these items for their mementos. We’re seeking potential people to showcase their collection and sell for a reasonable price.
Purchase any of the items listed below from January 12 up to January 16 (23:59:59 PST/PDT) only. With every minimum purchase of 5000 GCoins, get 2 free of any Old collection items of your choice. You can also get up to 20% discount on any items listed below for a limited time only. You may contact our Moderators to claim your rewards. This event is valid from January 12 to 16 (23:59:59 PST/PDT) only.

[Additional Rewards]

  Lucky Key Pad x50
  Box Fragments x50
  Any Crafting Materials x3500 (Two types)
  Bronze Silver and Gold Keys x5
  5B Marbles

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