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Title   [Event] Abundance of the Wilds - Item Event Giveaway
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   4/11/2018 11:25 PM Hits   447

Abundance from the Wilds
Are you running out? Prepare and receive the nature's bounty this weekend!

Time Duration:

April 14, 2018, Saturday 17:00 - April 15, 2018, Sunday 01:00 PST/PDT Time


All players must be online during the duration of the event.
All rewards will be chosen by the GMs.
Rewards distribution will be distributed hourly during the duration of the event.
If you missed out on anything, you’ll never be getting those rewards.

Item Giveaway Rewards:

17:00 - Random Hunting Item x20
18:00 - Random Hunting Item x5
19:00 - Random Hunting Item x5
20:00 - Random Hunting Item x5
21:00 - Random Hunting Item x10
22:00 - Random Hunting Item x30
23:00 - Random Hunting Item x10
00:00 - Random Hunting Item x30
01:00 - Random Hunting Item x10

Disclaimer and Notice of Warning:

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.

- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

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