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Title   [Event] St. Patrick's Day
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   3/15/2019 12:04 AM Hits   301

Let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Event Starts: March 15, 2019
Event Ends: March 20, 2019 

It all started with this special cloverleaf called the Shamrock.
Many people believed St. Patrick, the patron saint who started it all. 
The Shamrock symbolizes the metaphor for the Holy Trinity. 
And for that, we will be giving out 2 pcs. LUCKY FOURLEAF (every hour) to all players.


Guess How Many Shamrocks?

The Banner for this event will be posted on our official Facebook and also on our Discord App or Page starting this March 15.

Moderators will choose 17 Lucky Winners randomly from Facebook and also in our Discord event page through RANDOM.ORG

One account per entry only.

Sample Entry:

Box Fragments of your choice:


Players can now choose where to post their entries for their convenience whether it's on Facebook or in our Discord event tab.

Editing of answers will no longer be entertained.

Posting in the wrong thread will also not be entertained.

Bonus reward will be granted if you meet the requirements in the Twist of Clover.

17 winners will receive the Bonus Reward.


Lucky Key Pads x17
Box Fragments of Player's Choice x17
Copper 1700 each
Black Silk 1700 each
Silver Arc Reactor 1700
Golden Arc Reactor 1700
Chocolate Egg x17
Rainbow Cake x17
Heart Candy x17
Star Candy x17


A Twist of the Clover!

A twist no one cannot resist being left out!


If the total number of players who got the correct answer is higher than 17, we will add 3 pieces of Golden Raccoon Random Box to the winners.

If the total number of posted answers/player who participated is higher than 17, we will add an additional 17 Lucky Key Pads to the winners.

If the total number of shares of this event will hit 50 or more, we will add an additional 17 Box Fragments of their choice to the winners.

If the total number of likes of this event hits more than 50, everyone online receives an additional 3 pcs. of any items listed below (1 Time Giveaway Server Reward).

Siegfried Box
Nexus Box
Deus Box

One time giveaway rewards schedule: March 20, 2019, 00:00 AM PDT.

Let's bring some Luck and Bring Home the Pot of Gold from the other side of the Rainbow!

Luminary Global Team

Disclaimer and Notice of Warning:

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.

- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

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