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Title   [Event] Militia's Pride
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   4/29/2019 1:30 AM Hits   570

[How to Join?]

1.       Get additional rewards by obtaining the Revolutionary Heroes Transformation Box.
2.       We will double the rewards for those who have got the Revolutionary Heroes Transformation Box.
3.       If you got the Revolutionary Heroes Transformation Box, you are entitled to get a bonus prize                      
          (Getting the item should be via Revolutionary Heroes Random Box).
4.       Each player must submit their entry through
5.       Submission of entries is from April 30 to May 31.
6.       We will only accept entries from April 30 to May 31.       


1.       IGN
2.       Screenshot
3.       What can you say about the new Transformation Spirit? (Impression & thoughts)


1.       Screenshot must be seen clearly and in High Quality.
2.       The in-game name must be seen.
3.    You must send the screenshot together with the “Announcement” of you getting the guardian spirit. (April 30 to May 31).
4.    The item should be purchased through the item mall.

[Rewards & Other Info]

        First 20 players to get the said item.
      Players who submitted the following requirements with the right format are entitled to get additional rewards.

[Bonus Item]

1.      Choose 2 Crafting Materials (3,500 Each)
2.      Nexus and Deus Box x10
3.      Bronze Key x10
4.      Silver Key x10
5.      Gold Key x5
6.      Siegfried Box x10
7.      Wish Box x10

Disclaimer and Notice of Warning:

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.
- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

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