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Title   [Event] Goonzu Weekend June 2019
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   6/28/2019 1:34 AM Hits   389


Goonzu Weekend will be different than before.

More surprising events will be coming your way.

More bounties will be given away!

So what are you waiting for? 

Join the festivities and don't miss out of the great
opportunity this coming weekend!



Event Venue:

Pirate Base 


Moderators will summon ten (10) random boss monsters in different areas of the Pirate Base.

Slay all the random boss monsters infiltrating the Pirate Base.

Each team will have a similar summoned random boss monsters to be defeated but differently inside the Pirate Base.

All boss monsters to be defeated will be in ANY order but must finish the everything before going to the next floor.

The main objective in this event, slay all the infiltrating Boss Monsters inside the Pirate Base.

If you can stop the heist in fastest time, that team wins the event in the particular week.

Consolation Prizes will be also rewarded to all the participants after the event ends for the succeeding weeks.


Don't mind the other traps made by the Captain, just slay all the boss monsters and you will be just fine!

Same with Captain Perry's Crew, they are summoned for slaying the infiltrators and also helping defeating them. 


 Each member will receive the following rewards.

[Team (Champion)]

5000 each Crafting Materials of each members choice
5 Golden Raccoon Random Box
5 Platinum Raccoon Random Box
10 Billion EXP added (Can be shared to another member)

[Team (2nd Place)]

3000 each Crafting Materials of each members choice
3 Golden Raccoon Random Box
3 Platinum Raccoon Random Box
7 Billion EXP added (Can be shared to another member)

[Team (3rd Place)]

1000 each Crafting Materials of each members choice
1 Golden Raccoon Random Box
1 Platinum Raccoon Random Box
5 Billion EXP added (Can be shared to another member)

[Team (Consolation)]

        500 each Crafting Materials of each members choice
1 Billion EXP added (Can be shared to another member)
        50 pcs. Candy Set 
        50 pcs. Jelly Beans
        50 pcs. HappyTime



Every active player will automatically participate in the Dark Army trials during the weekend. The rewards for this event will be doubled every time there's a dark army invasion incoming during the weekends.


Weekend Grind!

The weekend that should never miss!

Time Duration:

June 28, 2019, Friday 16:00 - June 29, 2019, Saturday 01:00 PST/PDT
June 29, 2019, Saturday 16:00 - June 30, 2019, Sunday 01:00 PST/PDT


All players must be online during the duration of the event.
All rewards will be chosen by the GMs.
Rewards distribution will be distributed hourly during the duration of the event.
If you missed out on anything, you’ll never be getting those rewards.

Item Giveaway Rewards:

16:00 - GMs Random Item
17:00 - GMs Random Item
18:00 - GMs Random Item
19:00 - GMs Random Item
20:00 - GMs Random Item
21:00 - GMs Random Item
22:00 - GMs Random Item
23:00 - GMs Random Item
00:00 - GMs Random Item
01:00 - GMs Random Item

Disclaimer and Notice of Warning:

- By joining this event and becoming a participant signified that you automatically agreed to all our terms and conditions.

- The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.


Gacha Rare Pouch Activation Event

Everyone is invited in the upgraded GoonZu day System Event, get ready for some awesome prizes and milestones which will make everyone busy! And wait there's more! The Luminary Team added the 2019 Year of the Earth Pig pouch madness just for you to enjoy this one of a kind experience you shouldn't miss! 


More surprises coming your way this weekend! So stay tuned for more details.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at

See you all this weekend, grinders!

Luminary GoonZu Global Team

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