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Title   [Event] Limited Time Offer
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   7/03/2019 2:10 AM Hits   301


Event Starts: July 3, 2019
Event Ends: July 10, 2019

Schedule of Purchase:

04:00AM - 07:00AM PDT / PST
07:00PM - 09:00PM PDT / PST

"Time is Gold! Use it wisely!" - Captain Perry

For a limited time and schedule, please make sure everyone will be available to purchase this one heck of a special item available exclusively in the Item Mall.

We offer the freshest, the hottest and newest item that we can offer from the Pirate Base. Just think of a sliced of the freshest and hottest bread baked at your dinner table that surely looks delicious. These infiltrators, they never learn, have left us these loots lying around the Pirate Base. But wait, the contents inside were valuable but it is delicate to handle. It is very risky, even all the contents are worth the value. So take the risk to open its worth for this one time opportunity! It is limited and make it quick, before it disappears.

This item can be sold for only @ 199 GCoins! Check the contents and see for yourself!

Luminary Global Team

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