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Title   [Event] Limited Time Only!
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   2/06/2020 5:20 PM Hits   591


Event Starts: February 6, 2020
Event Ends: February 13, 2020

"Waste No Time!" - The Emperor

For a limited time only, the Emperor's Majestic Random Box and the Enigma Random Box both will be our featured items for this event!

Once you open them, it will be filled with a rich history and these
treasures was made famous back then. It is time to relive them
one more time at a price that you cannot resist.

It is now called the The Grand Imperial Package!
It consists of three (3) Enigma Random Boxes and three (3) Emperor's
Majestic Random Boxes.

Not only that, we will add three (3) Celestial Tickets and three (3)
Boss Invasion Tickets absolutely free.

It's the greatest throwback of all time! It will be available
in the item mall for limited time only.

This item can be sold for only @ 1198 GCoins!

Luminary Global Team

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