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Title   [Event] Return of the Heroes
Writer   GM GoonZu Date   5/12/2022 4:39 PM Hits   401


Greetings Luminarians!

We invite all our beloved adventurers as we prepared an exciting event open for all inactive players. You must be 30 days inactive in the game to be able to participate in the event and claim the limited "Return of the Heroes" collection title and daily Slayer Package during the event.


Event Start: June 2, 2022
End: July 2, 2022

1. Returning players need to complete a total of 2 hours daily in the hunting field maps to receive the event reward “Slayer Package” and acquire a daily stamp, one slayer stamp per day upon completing 2 hours of hunting.

2. Total time are accumulated everytime a player login and kill monsters on any fields. 
3. Players can check the Hourly Hunting Game window to monitor the total hunting time spent on killing monsters on any hunting field maps.

4. To view the Hunting stamps, click the Hourly Hunting Game window.
NOTE: The timer will stops in 10 seconds idle time after the last blow of the character on the monster


1. Every time the players claimed the Slayer Package he will earn a Slayer Stamp. 

2. Complete 20 stamps and will have a chance to get New Limited Edition Title. 

3. Collection title can only be claimed for 30 days. 

~Return of the Heroes Title~

[1] Dex: 10
[2] Wis: 10
[3] Skill name: Retribution - Damage taken of the character deals 30% dmg return to monster.

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Luminary Global Team
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