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Luminary Animation
This animation is for promotion of Global Luminary. Check the familiar NPCs in the Animation. (3:12)
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Welcome to Luminary Online
Check out what is offered at GoonZu Online! Enjoy the unique and exciting world of GoonZu. (3:12)
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Luminary Online Tutorial V1.0
Explore the world of Luminary Online. This tutorial is designed to help new players to understand how Luminary world operates. (5:10)
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Luminary Video Full Version
Yeon & Gyeon's first meeting and their journey... Yeon sees Gyeon somewhat differently...;; Watch for colorful tricks of Yeongja and cute Miss Racoon... (5:31)
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Luminary Music Video V1.0
Online Game Luminary's first music video. Let's sing along the addictive profound lyrics of the song. (1:30)
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Luminary Music Video V2.0
After releasing the music album titled JR 1st, the active singer, JR, sings his song in this Luminary music video! Let's feel his love for Luminary currently being played in the Sejong Server.. (1:30)
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