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Title   3 Man DA Date 8/17/2009 5:48 AM
Writer   C.King Recommendations   9 Hits   14048

Most of the townies of athravan were offline. To show athravan sticks together the only 3 online members (starting from the left) 22GaMeR93 HikaruX3 and Cleayers use there effort to get there town to third place. Just missing second place by a inch. Also Gamer and Hikaru both took two spots in top 5 DA. Also if it wasn't for cleayers with helping point out sabers both players would probably would of missed top players in DA
M.Superville hf cleayers
09.14 11:28
J.francisco hhhhhhhh
07.18 20:07
S.Last I remember i got to 5th place dark army solo when i was in Bamabad long ago.
02.12 16:41
Fire (496) 8/22/2009
ViiniBR and my wife haha (4) 8/21/2009
16587 3 Man DA (3) 8/17/2009
End of august tenth event (now 11th =p) (488) 8/11/2009
august tenth event 8/11/2009